The Loire


On the Anjou's side, the Loire makes an bow of 130 km, which fire its luminous arrows from Montsoreau in Tourraine to the gates of the Atlantic ocean.


Favorite river of the Kings of France, the Loire gave everything or almost to Anjou. It irrigated the region with precious materials, with major monuments, with new ideas and of course with alluvial deposit, favorable for the bursting of flower and truck farming.


Bord de Loire


Greatness, prosperity but also overflowing of river often called "the last wild river in Europe".


Next to the big rivers... The big vineyards.


With its 67 appellations, from the center of France to the Atlantic, the Loire collects great names : Sancerre, Chinon, or also Rabelais, Saumur, Coteaux du Layon.


Whatever its face, one thing remains : the Loire is here at the top of its beauty. A spendor with an international reputation : in 2000, The Val de Loire is