Our Soils
The Loire Valley, classified in the UNESCO World Heritage, offers an exceptional cultural landscape and testimonies about harmonious interactions between men and their environment during 2 000 years of History.

A soil is made by a ground, but also by a particular climate, an appropriated grape variety and the know-how of the winegrower. The vine's work is demanding and tough.
  It needs concordance between several factors : control of the strength, the yield and the sunshine of the grape.

 Despite the domination of the schist, the mosaic of our grounds offers diversity to our wines as well as in the structure as in the aromas. This wide range of wines allows to have a big variety of cuvees, even if they are produced with the same grape variety. In a lot of cases, the name of the plot will give its name to the wine.

Jeunes Vignes Clos du Bois

Schiste ardoisière 1

Schiste ardoisière 2


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