The Chenin



The name of the Chenin would come from the Franch "raisin de chien", understand "dog's grape". It is said that il would have been discovered during the half of the IXth century, on the Mount Chenin in the Touraine region. Identified with accuracy in 845, the Chenin is an old grape variety in Anjou and found in the Loire region, between oceanic and continental climates.
The perfect adequacy between its vegetative cycle and the Angevin's climate opens to the Chenin the doors of beautiful expression "soil". This configuration especially favorable to the Botrytid (the noble rot) allows all dreams and hopes of finesse and concentration for its wines.   This grape variety is hard to control because of its strength, complicated to pick because of the time-lag of maturity in a same grape. The wine grower needs to have a professional ability essential for a few varieties only.

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