The Cabernet



The Cabernet, also called the "Breton", is a grape variety coming from Bordeaux, arrived in Anjou from the ocean and the harbor of Nantes, which was in Brittany at this time.


Most present red grape varietyin the Loire region, it is part of the big family of red grapes with white flesh. We produces 2 types of wines with Cabernet :


  • reds
  • rosés


Only the maceration of berries with juice gives the color, the aromas and the flavor as well as the tannic structure
The Cabernet is harvested in an only one time, and in 80% of cases, with a harvest machine.
Our work in the vines brings the homogeneity of grapes maturity.



Raisin rouge 1

Raisin rouge 2

rasins rouge 3

raisin rouge 4